From novice site builders to experienced web developers, WordPress is a popular tool to create websites. So, a little less than half the Internet, about 42.6%, uses WordPress as their Content Management System or CMS. Since WordPress has the lion’s share of global CMS usage, various people and industries need website themes, not just Law Firms. So, WordPress has a theme for you, whether you’re educators, eCommerce shops, or wellness coaches!

Here’s what you can expect from WordPress Themes for Law Firms and Law-related Industries:

  • Varied layout possibilities. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking just like another Law Firm!
  • Unique style. Your site needs an exciting design to stand out to potential clients. 
  • Custom widgets. After all, WordPress is the one for you if you want customization.
  • Customer support. You might run into some trouble when building and maintaining your website now and then.
  • SEO optimization. Your Law Firm’s website can get more visibility with Search Engine Optimization.
  • Translation. Non-English WordPress downloads have outnumbered English ones ever since 2014

WordPress Themes for Law Firms

Theme features your Law Firm website can’t do without:

  • An ‘About Us’ section or page. With such a section in place, interested site visitors can learn about your business, its services, and its values. 
  • A ‘Contact Us’ section. It’s vital to ensure that your clients have ways to reach you if they need guidance on law-related matters. 
  • An ‘Our Services’ section or page. Particular Law Firms may have specializations. Here, potential clients can see if your firm matches their needs.
  • An ‘Online Appointment Booking’ section or calendar. Your theme needs to allow online bookings. The booking section can include a calendar.
  • A ‘Testimonials’ or ‘What our customers are saying’ section. A Testimonials section gives potential clients insights into your business’ credibility.
  • A ‘Portfolio’ page. To add to your business’ reputation, you need to share some outputs from your past cases.   

The Top Five WordPress Themes for Law Firms

Lawyer & Attorney  

law firm theme

Source: ThemeForest.

The Lawyer & Attorney theme allows for varied layouts. It’s got ten possible headers, six sidebars, and an option for a one-page style menu. Its color scheme is limited to black, white, and tan, making it minimalistic and modern. Also, Lawyer & Attorney has many page templates and a specialized Q & A section! 

This WordPress Theme for Law Firms is an excellent choice as it’s popular with WordPress users of all expertise levels. In addition, of course, anyone from any industry can edit the theme with its drag-and-drop capabilities because of WordPress. Besides all this, Lawyer & Attorney comes with round-the-clock support. Additionally, it works well with WooCommerce!


WordPress Themes for Law Firms

Source: ThemeForest.

The Lawyer WordPress theme comes with several features. Although Lawyers is a Theme for Law Firms, it’s much livelier-looking than most other WordPress themes. As always, the theme comes with support! 

This WordPress Theme also has plenty of tools and templates perfect for the industry. There are custom post types, header options, and widget options. With all the options for colors, sliders, and branding, you can create a fantastic Law Firm website! Also, Lawyers features a section for testimonials, staff profiles, and service buttons. It boasts a large content area that’s perfect for showing the best side of your business! So, you can tell potential clients all about your services, team and staff, and your business’ mission.


Source: ThemeForest.

Kalium is another excellent theme for Law Firms! Of course, with this WordPress Law Firm Theme, you can build a fantastic page quickly and without fuss. This WordPress Theme is particularly perfect for Law Firms and related industries.

However, Kalium is simple yet aesthetically pleasing! So, you have a collection of designs and options to play with using its drag and drop builder. It also offers About Us sections and sections for Services and Contacts. Plus, there’s even a template page for News! However, it’s been updated recently. Kalium has plenty of excellent features and options, including compatibility with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is perfect for businesses, as almost 28% of all eCommerce goes through the plugin.

Lawyer Base 

Wordpress industry themes, law firm theme,

Source: ThemeForest.

While this WordPress Theme’s name indicates its specialization for Law Firms and law-related professions, it can also be used by finance and corporate industries. Lawyer Base is a responsive theme that has all of the customization trimmings! In addition, this WordPress Theme’s drag and drop builder can help website builders, even if they’re people in Law Firms who want to DIY their site. 

Also, Lawyer Base has various layouts that allow for multiple columns and sidebar configurations. Additionally, it allows for varied post types. Although it has a fantastic color palette, it’s pretty minimalistic, so it’s still easy on the eyes. Plus, it’s got the WPML plugin, which allows you to translate posts. In addition, it supports WooCommerce and the Master Slider plugin for showing off excellent image collections.


Wordpress industry themes, law firm theme,

Source: ThemeForest.

And last but not least, Libero is another excellent WordPress Theme for Law Firms. As with many WordPress Themes for every industry under the sun, it’s incredibly customizable and uses a drag-and-drop builder. Plus, you get the plugins One Click Demo Import, the WPBakery Page Builder, and Slider Revolution.

With Libero, you can create the perfect site for your Law Firm from a collection of seven homepages and 20 inner pages! Libero’s designs are attractive, considering you get to use sliders, icons, counters, and even animated overlays.

Here are some honorable mentions for Law Firm Themes:

  • Juris 
  • Justicia
  • Astra 
  • Law Office 
  • Revolution 
  • 2. Divi 
  • O’Connor
  • DeJure
  • Attorna
  • TheGem
  • Privsa

Need to revamp your law practice’s site? Look no further than WordPress Themes.

WordPress is a CMS that’s used by nearly half the Internet. As a result, WordPress has a theme for many, if not all, business industries. The same is true for Law Firms. Themes for Law-related businesses and practices tend to be on the minimalistic side. But all the themes offer many layouts and features to make your Law Firm stand out. If you want someone to craft the perfect theme for your Law Firm, check out WordPress Development Services in the Philippines!