WordPress at a glance

WordPress CMS or Content Management System on Mobile App


WordPress has grown popular over the years as it powers 35% of all websites on the Internet. There are plenty of articles online about the software’s robust features and how both businesses and developers can take advantage of its capabilities. To add, top global brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney use WordPress CMS (or Content Management System) to power their websites today.

However, even small businesses and rising companies can use WordPress due to its flexibility and ease of use. In this article, let’s talk about the people who should be using WordPress and the reasons behind it.


Who WordPress CMS is For

Here’s a look at several individuals who should make use of WordPress CMS to building websites:

#1. Those who want something for free.

Yes, you read it right! WordPress is free, and there’s no license or subscription needed. In short, anybody can download, install, use, and modify it to create and build any website.

This popular platform, as it stands today, is an excellent open-source community project with contributions coming from thousands of developers, led by a core team, who are willing to share their talents and build amazing software. Anyone can contribute patches, fix bugs, suggest features, make features, and more.

But while the WordPress Content Management System itself is free, you may need a domain name and web hosting to install it.

#2. Those who are neither web designers or programmers.

A large portion of those who need websites are non-tech savvy. In other words, these are people who do not have any experience or knowledge in designing websites.

With that, WordPress comes in as a perfect solution. There is an ideal downloadable theme (website template) for just about every kind of website, whether it’s an online store, a business website, or a blog. Just choose any of these free WordPress themes to use in building that website that matches the need.

Likewise, you can also customize WordPress themes without writing any code at all. Things, like creating beautiful sliders or changing the website background, and even selecting colors to your liking, are accessible.

Also, to add custom functionality to your WordPress website, you can download and install plugins. Plugins are small applications to add advanced features like contact forms, e-store, and even analytics. Most of them are easy to set up and configure. There are free and premium plugins available for download.

#3. Those who need to manage their website content with so much ease.

Easily managing your website’s content with WordPress is what makes it the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in use today.

With its Content Management System, new users can add or edit fresh content using the WordPress editor (classic or the new one with the Gutenberg update) on their desktops or laptops. With WordPress mobile apps, you can manage it using smartphones while on the go.

Creating or editing posts, pages, or menus will come out like a breeze. Since WordPress can handle different media types and not just limited to writing text, it even makes things easier for the uploader. You can add images, audio, and video files via its built-in media uploader.

Additionally, you can embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and Soundcloud audio to WordPress websites. Just paste the URL in the WordPress editor, and you’re good to go.

In other words, WordPress CMS made website-building a plug-and-play, Microsoft Word-like concept by eliminating so many technical barriers for new users.

#4. Those who want to be competitive in the global market.

Finally, there are three things that a website must have to stay competitive:

It should be mobile-optimized.

Statistics show more users actively visiting sites through their smartphones and tablets. With this, having a WordPress responsive design set up on your website will help its design to graphic scale well and load fast in hand-held mobile devices.

It must be SEO-friendly. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy used by website owners to get more traffic by ranking higher in search engines. With high rankings, visitors can find your website easily when they use search engines using keywords found on your webpages.

As designed by the community, WordPress is SEO-friendly out of the box when you download and install it. The software is written using standard-compliant high-quality code that makes Google and other search engines embrace WordPress-built websites without issues. Because of this, WordPress sites rank higher than others in Google and other search engines.

Provide a significant layer of security.  

A compromised website will cause serious harm to the profit and credibility of that company with your data stolen by hackers.

With security in mind, WordPress was built and designed by the community as a safe and secure website platform. Its core code is very stable, and hundreds of developers regularly review it for loopholes and issues.

However, the goal is not just about risk elimination but also reduction. Even non-tech savvy users should take actionable steps to ensure that their websites do not get jeopardized. Steps like using unique usernames, stronger passwords, and also the use of a two-factor authentication method play a considerable role in the picture.


There’s a reason behind WordPress’ CMS popularity.

In conclusion, there is a reason why WordPress has the world’s biggest Content Management System market share today. Looking at its ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, and technical capabilities, it’s no wonder that a lot of companies use WordPress.

Thinking about it, your website is a fundamental pillar for a successful business in the global market, and WordPress, its CMS, and the help of WordPress developers in the Philippines, makes building one exactly what you and your visitors need.