Starting your own online business is easy if you have access to the right people with the right tools and services. As such, startup companies and newly-established small businesses rely on a WordPress designer for their expertise in building professional-looking and affordable websites.

With today’s market, businesses need to promote and sell their products and services online through a website. Fundamentally, especially for startup companies, these websites should cost very little to create and be easy to manage. Additionally, these websites should be integrated with the business’ social media sites and optimized to increase their search engine results. These websites should be easy to navigate in terms of functionality, its content organized, and its calls-to-action correctly structured.

To comply with all said requirements, Filipino WordPress developers and designers often utilize WordPress in building websites because its system is incredibly easy to use, and it is exceptionally cost-effective.

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Why Need WordPress?

First of all, WordPress is easy to use. No coding is needed to build your well-functioning website. The site allows you to update, modify, and edit your pages and contents with convenience. WordPress offers theme customization and plugins to tailor your site’s appearance to reflect your brand’s image and personality.

WordPress is also incredibly extensive as it allows you to implement a flexible feature through the WordPress REST API. It enables users to connect to the web, thereby giving your website even more capabilities.

Moreover, WordPress can handle multiple content types and features such as posts, pages, media, and comments. As such, Filipino WordPress developers and designers can create multiple custom post types (CPTs) that fit your business. Lastly, WordPress offers blog content, online forums, and video tutorials to help newbies find their way around the site. The WordPress community is available to assist you at all times.


How Does WordPress Help Make Money?

Filipino WordPress developers and designers build websites that genuinely reflect their client’s brand’s image and business goals. These websites help business owners start making money. For instance, the plugin stats for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) show that they are enough to prove WordPress’ capability of being a reliable eCommerce platform.

The WooCommerce WordPress plugin is an open-source plugin that helps startup companies and businesses build an online store with just a few clicks. Because of this, it is the most established eCommerce solution that helps online stores sell physical and digital items.


Why Need WordPress Designers?

Through a WordPress website, startup companies and businesses can launch their products, services, and other marketing campaigns online.

People with years of experience as WordPress designers and developers have the vision, attitude, and skills in creating websites according to their client’s specifications. They are reliable and client-oriented and can design websites that are both creative and sell-able to the public. In the Philippines, website developers and designers understand how plugins work to improve a website’s functionality and security. Thus, Filipino WordPress developers and designers build themes and plugins that help create sophisticated websites with ease.

When looking for the right WordPress designer, check if they offer the following essential WordPress services:

  • WordPress Website Development – They can create and develop your customized website according to your needs and budget. They must be capable of generating basic corporate websites to WordPress membership sites and eCommerce sites.
  • WordPress Theme Customization – They can create attractive WordPress themes for current or even new websites, but still ensure that they fully understand your brand and services and reflect it accordingly.
  • Plugin Development – They can build WordPress plugins and customize features to meet your online business’s specific requirements. They also offer a wide range of plugin features that you can choose from.
  • Support and Maintenance – They can provide support and maintenance for your WordPress website to ensure that it will always be secured and updated.


WordPress Designer Marketing Techniques

Business concepts and ideas are great. However, business people’s real challenge lies in creating marketing strategies that realize and sell said thoughts and ideas to help guarantee business growth.

Here are some marketing techniques that a WordPress designer considers and applies to the website-building process:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    When it comes to SEO, search engine algorithms prefer WordPress websites because of their popularity. Through plugins such as Yoast, a WordPress designer can help startup companies and businesses create content that ranks well in search engine results.

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  • Online Content Marketing

    WordPress houses excellent marketing content. Thus, you should publish content that presents new business ideas, trends, and technologies. To forge customer relations, you can also use the site to communicate with and get feedback from them.

  • Social Media Marketing

    The world of social media is growing bigger every day, with no signs of it ever disappearing. As such, businesses have made the wise choice of integrating their WordPress websites with other social media platforms. Through WordPress social plugins, startups can stage social gatherings on their social networks. It helps maintain a commenting platform on the site that gets integrated with other social media platforms. So, your latest Tweets or Facebook page posts get embedded onto the sidebar with just a few clicks. A WordPress designer carefully utilizes WordPress theme customization and the site’s thousands of other social plugins into making the best website for a business.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Businesses employ this performance-based marketing technique by rewarding one or more of its affiliates for every visitor or customer that they bring through their marketing efforts. Through this technique, you can promote your digital products worldwide. It also leads new visitors to other products with higher profit margins to collect even higher affiliate rates.

  • Email Marketing

    The email marketing technique involves sending advertisements and requests and soliciting sales and donations to a potential or current customer. It is a known technique that converts better than anything else. With WordPress, you can run efficient and sophisticated email campaigns with plugins capable of automatically responding to emails and collecting email subscriptions in an ordered list.


Filipino WordPress Website Developers and Designers

With the right WordPress designer in the Philippines to create your website, you are one step closer to taking the online business world by storm. Build your WordPress website today!