Big news industries, famous personalities, and business enterprises use WordPress to connect with their readers, fans, and consumers to boost their marketing campaigns. So, let us learn some of the latest 2021 WordPress trends that can help you achieve improved businesses.

Latest WordPress Trends for Improved Businesses Man Website Design Inspiration
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What Are The Latest 2021 WordPress Trends

WordPress started as a simple personal publishing platform in 2001. Now, it has become one of the world’s leading content management systems (CMS). To help you improve your marketing campaigns, take note of some of the latest 2021 WordPress trends:

1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

More and more people are browsing online through their smartphones. One of the latest 2021 WordPress trends and one of the most crucial factors that you should look into when designing your WordPress website is its responsiveness to all kinds of screen devices. These flexible designs apply to various screen dimensions and resolutions for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices. So, apply a WordPress theme designed to respond accordingly to all kinds of device screens, especially for mobile phones.

2. Simple and Easy to Navigate

An ideal WordPress website should not take too long to load its pages. To accomplish this, build one that employs a simple WordPress web design and is easy to navigate. If you have a too extravagant design and are filled with too many web design elements, your pages might take too long to load. Losing a potential customer because that person got impatient with your website is not a good thing. Google even frowns upon this, and it may affect your web ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). As such, provide the best user experience by keeping your web design simple and your web environment easy to navigate.

3. Large Headings and Shorter Paragraphs

We are way past the time when Arial and Times New Roman were the only functional fonts for a website. Although those two are still necessary for standard blog text, your blog’s design should also explore on other fonts. Today, the latest 2021 WordPress trends include using large headings to ensnare a visitor’s attention and shorter descriptions to maintain their interest and encourage them to browse further. Thus, employing the right typography helps you create a WordPress website that is aesthetically pleasing and drives visitors to take action.

4. Minimalism and White Space

Minimalist WordPress themes create a web environment that directs the user’s eyes to what is essential on the page. Employing this type of web design will help increase your site visitors’ chance of noticing and clicking your call-to-action button. Minimalistic types of design work with space—white space most of the time. The proper use of white space helps relieve the eyes from stress after looking at graphic web elements such as images, videos, and the like. So, with the use of minimalistic web design, you provide your users with a great browsing experience.

5. Chatbots and Video Backgrounds

As an alternative to email, chatbots such as the FB Messenger chat plugin are digital assistants that automatically appear as soon as a visitor lands on your site. They allow site visitors to communicate with you directly if they have questions and concerns about your products and services. Instead of using static images, solid colors, or gradients, perhaps you may consider using a video background on your WordPress website. It makes your website interactive and fun to browse on. Video backgrounds have been effective in increasing the time visitors spend on websites, thereby reducing their bounce rates.


Latest WordPress Trends for Improved Businesses Man and Woman Web Designers
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Employ 2021 WordPress Trends

Being a business owner requires you to be informed and equipped with the latest 2021 WordPress trends to ensure an improved business. So, if you think your WordPress website is a little outdated, allow a WordPress designer from the Philippines to help you achieve a web design that is functional, modernized, and updated.