If creating and building a website appears to be too difficult, business owners can always start by using WordPress to establish their online identity. WordPress is “probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today,” according to ithemes.com. This is also supported by WordPress developers in the Philippines, who believe that the platform has been ramping up like never before in recent years.

updates from wordpress develoeprs in the philippines

Latest Updates in 2021 Listed by WordPress Developers in the Philippines

WordPress is a lot easier and maybe even faster than building a website from scratch. However, just as with owning a website, it’s important to keep on track of any new or updated web designs and developments.

That said, here are some of the most relevant WordPress updates in Web Design and Development that you must know:

Drag-and-Drop Plugins

Although nothing compares to the customization and versatility of a professionally designed website, drag-and-drop page builders enable computer neophytes to create their own site without learning how to code. In fact, WordPress developers in the Philippines know the value of drag and drop features. This is because consumers want the chance to see precisely what their website will look like based on the customizations they want to integrate. Divi and Elementor are two of the most common and highly utilized drag-and-drop WordPress plugins.

WordPress for E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is becoming increasingly important on websites, and WooCommerce allows you to convert every WordPress domain into an e-commerce website. WooCommerce combines WordPress’s SEO functionality and flexibility with payment methods, inventory management, and marketing tools to help you manage your business more efficiently and provide better customer support to your online customers. In fact, WooCommerce now powers more than 70 million online stores.

New Colors and Website Skin Themes

Bold colors and contrasting variations are popular nowadays. Color has a strong emotional impact on all of us. Thus, the color scheme you choose will have a big impact on how your visitors view your website. In fact, a study from Buffer reveals that 90 percent of product evaluations are made solely on the grounds of color. It goes without saying that having a vibrant color scheme is a great way to make the website stand out. This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by WordPress designers in the Philippines.

The Skin theme, for example, allows you to select two colors and creates a gradient scheme for your website. You can also incorporate embellishments to your own gradients. Another variation of this trend, one that has recently gained popularity among website developers and designers in the Philippines, is the utilization of sharp contrasts. Contrasting colors give the website a friendly, imaginative feel while also empowering accessibility. One great example of this is the color scheme called Piñata.

Built By WordPress.com

WordPress.com, the commercial division of WordPress, confirmed their entrance into the website-building market just recently by introducing Built By WordPress.com.

As announced on its official web page, WordPress released the following statement:

“Whether you need a fast and performant eCommerce store for your products and/or services, a polished website for your professional services firm, or an educational website for your online courses, our experts can build it for you on WordPress.com…”

In addition, Built By WordPress.com offers three different types of website building plans. Each of them focuses on a different type of site.

  • Online Stores
  • Educational Sites
  • Professional Services

Stay Updated with Help from WordPress Developers in the Philippines

These are only some of what’s been going on with WordPress lately. You can find a lot of other interesting news on WordPress’s blog site. For WordPress developers in the Philippines, when it comes to WordPress designs and development, it’s always better to stay on your toes.