With this latest beta version release, the Internet is one step closer to WordPress 6.0. Of course, WordPress still needs to make a few more improvements to its features. However, Beta 4 has introduced several fixes for things like navigation, comment contents and blocks, etc.

WordPress, the Content Management System, is incredibly popular among website owners. One of WordPress’ many perks is the ability to add Google Analytics 4. Additionally, with WordPress, you can build a website for any business or industry. There are even some great site themes for Law Firms!

But these are only a few reasons why WordPress is so popular with businesses. Thanks to its team’s tireless efforts, WordPress is constantly improving.

WordPress and Its Drive for Perfection 

Every week after fixing several issues, WordPress Developers release improved versions. For instance, the previous version, Beta 3, was released on April 26, 2022. 

wordpress 6.0, new wordpress release

But, WordPress’ current and latest beta version, though it introduces plenty of fixes, was unplanned. So, as a result, the full release of the 6.0 version will be released on the 24th of this month

Still, this is excellent news for people who rely on the CMS to create their websites. After all, an extra week is a small price to pay for massive improvements.

WordPress 6.0 Beta 4

WordPress’ Beta 4 release was unplanned and thus caused its final release to be moved back somewhat. However, as of now, there is currently a Release Candidate! Thus, the initial Beta 4 has improved, giving users a better look into the final product.

WordPress Beta 3 dealt with fixing issues for comments. So this time, Beta 4’s fixes focus on that and navigation to improve User Experience. Also, Beta 4 delivers over 18 enhancements, with many focusing on comments, navigation, and more.

WordPress 6.0 Beta 4 Release Candidate 1

Beta 4’s first Release Candidate version was released on May 3, a day after the initial release. So, the first RC has more enhancements and improvements than the initial Beta version. Thus, there are fewer bugs, but it’s still not the final version of WordPress 6.0.

wordpress beta, wordpress 6.0 features

Still, WordPress 6.0’s first RC is looking pretty stacked! Here’s a quick list of the version’s improvements.

Beta 4 RC1’s Fixes: A Rundown

  • Style Switching. You can switch your site’s look in a single block theme.
  • More Template Options. You can use WordPress blocks to edit things like author, date, tags and categories, and taxonomy.
  • Multi-select. As the name indicates, you can select several blocks of text and edit them as needed.
  • Retain Styles. Your styles won’t be bothered even as you make changes, like creating buttons.
  • More patterns in more places. Beta 4’s Quick Inserter suggests patterns for template pages or areas you’re working on.
  • List View improvements. So, you can select and modify multiple blocks in bulk! Also, you can check on your content using a collapsed by default view.
  • Refined design tools.: You can use a new color panel and create layout options with group block variations, etc. Additionally, you can set featured images (modified to a size of your liking) in a Cover block!
  • New blocks. You can create Read More blocks! In addition, you can create Post Author Biography, Post Comments, and Avatar blocks.
  • Block Locking. With this feature, you may disable the block removal or moving options in the editor. 
  • Export block themes. Of course, you can export block themes. 

How to Apply Beta 4

With 6.0’s full release coming in just a few more days, WordPress invites users to install and test out Beta 4 RC1. There’s a Tester Plugin explicitly made for it! If WordPress users are trying the beta out via the plugin, they must select the Bleeding edge channel and Beta/RC Only stream.

But, users can also download the Beta 4 RC1 release with a .zip file.

Of course, when testing, avoid testing the beta on a business site. Instead, Beta 4 should be applied to a test site. 

Then, you can play around with Beta 4 without any issues with your business site. But, if there are any bugs or errors, WordPress users must report them. It’s also acceptable to do so in the support forums. But, you may also file a bug report on WordPress Trac.

The devs will appreciate the heads-up.

WordPress beta, new wordpress release

Gear Up For the Upcoming WordPress Release!

In 2021, WordPress powered “39.5% of all websites.” It’s perfect for marketing your brand, especially with its ability to optimize content with the Yoast SEO plugin.

However, WordPress’ strength doesn’t solely lie in its plugins. The most recent beta version and its Release Candidate have several design fixes, particularly with design and comments. With it, WordPress users are closer to receiving the perfected 6.0 version!

Of course, until its release on May 24, 2022, interested users can still take the WordPress 6.0 RC1 for a spin. It helps the devs iron out any kinks the version might have. WordPress Development Companies in the Philippines must keep an eye out for 6.0!